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Excursion B: Moon House - Bears Ears National Monument

(Limited to 11 participants) 


Of all the archaeology sites within Bears Ears National  Monument, many hikers consider Moon House to be  among the best sites. Moon House is a well-preserved  site, made up of three separate dwellings. These  dwellings have a total of 49 rooms and are easily  one of the largest on the mesa. Moon House features  fascinating pictographs on the interior walls of the  structures. The pictographs are cycles of the moon,  
but some believe they could even be a depiction of an  eclipse in the area. Also noteworthy is its construction  that places a wall along the outer edge of the alcove,  creating a sheltered inner courtyard. (source: BLM)

Hiking Information: The trail contours into a canyon  and up the other side, ending at Moon House. Warning:  the trail requires climbing down a 5-foot tall ledge and  there are no ladders or wheelchair access. 

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