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Discover San Juan County Excursions

Excursion E: Valley of the Gods Road – Bears Ears National Monument

(Limited to 30 participants) 

Located near Monument Valley, this area is filled with  buttes, mesas, and tall rock formations. Valley of the  Gods Road is visited by just a fraction of the people  who tour Monument Valley so it’s quiet, uncrowded,  and feels more wild. During the drive, the excursion  will stop many times allowing for pictures and taking  in scenic beauty as the terrain changes. A 17-mile  gravel road weaves through the towering formations  of sculpted Cedar Mesa Sandstone dating back nearly  250 million years ago during the Permian period. Its  monoliths, buttes, and spires, though only a quarter of  the size of the beloved Monument Valley, offer views  at every turn. A scenic and serene alternative to the  vast crowds of visitors in Monument Valley. Admire  the power of erosion in the stunning formation of the  statues coming to life in the form of “Rooster Butte,”  “Setting Hen,” “Seven Soldiers,” “Lady in a Tub,” and so  many more. (source: BLM) 

Hiking Information: There are no long hikes during the  excursion. 

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