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Canyon Country Discovery Center creates lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau through adventure, education, and stewardship.




  • Unique opportunities for adventure trip offerings including Yoga on the River, Bluegrass Music River Trip, Storytelling Float with Craig Childs, and much more.

  • Providing adventure education experiences to 143 youth and 85 adults.

  • Sharing our love of the Colorado Plateau for groups that include 6th Grade class trip for Edith Bowen Lab School, 7th Grade class trip for Utah International Charter School, youth group camping trips for Native Indian Youth Leadership Project and media trips for GU Energy and Patagonia.



  • Providing 25 local schools and 4,591 students from Grades K-12th with outdoor educational programming.

  • Making learning fun for 1,081 youth who visited our campus exhibits and learning stations on a field trip to the Discovery Center.

  • Sharing our expertise by serving on the Utah Afterschool Network STEM Steering Committee to help improve the field of STEM education in Utah.

  • Expanding our knowledge of the Colorado Plateau by becoming certified water quality testing agents with the Utah Water Watch program and performing water quality monitoring on the San Juan River.



  • Creating sustainable recreational access by building 2.5 miles of new hiking and mountain biking trails in Southeastern Utah.

  • Protecting the land by building 7,452 feet of new fence to contain cattle, outdoor recreationalists, and wildlife from sensitive natural habitats.

  • Restoring the native plant life by sharing 30 native seed collections with the BLM and other researchers working to propagate native plant life in our fragile ecosystem.

  • Repairing wetlands and removing invasive species from 246 acres along the San Juan River, Dolores River, and Escalante River.

  • Training 41 youth to become the next generation of land managers through personal development and job-readiness, skills-building experiences.

  • Offering 19 AmeriCorps education awards to help youth pursue higher education and avoid student loan debt.

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