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Volunteers help us expand our reach and increase our impact. We welcome anyone interested in outdoor education to join us for a few hours, or several days a week, at our Canyon Country Discovery Center Campus.



Front desk volunteers will be the first people guests meet when visiting our campus. These volunteers are vital to ensure each guest has a positive experience. One or more volunteers will be organized to cover time slots as needed.

Location: Canyon Country Discovery Center front desk

Dates and hours: will vary by month and need


  • Greet visitors as they arrive.

  • Assist guests by answering questions, giving directions, making suggestions as to what exhibits and attractions they might enjoy while visiting the campus and the surrounding area.

  • Be able to answer general questions in person and over the phone about the CCDC hours, location, and what programs are happening that day/week.

  • Distribute brochures provided at the front desk regarding CCDC and surrounding area events and destinations.

  • Provide help with conferences as needed. This may include greeting conference participants, directing them to rooms, setting up chairs, other furniture and equipment and taking them down, light cleaning of facilities, making and setting out coffee and snacks, etc.

  • Be familiar with the exhibits, building, programs, staff and events on campus to provide information to visitors.

  • Update any information boards at the front desk with current information.

  • Serve as an ambassador for CCDC, including the history, mission, and values of the organization.


Docents enrich the visitor experience by providing a deeper knowledge of the center’s exhibits, programs, and facilities, preferably in the language of the visitor and from their cultural perspective. These are volunteers who serve as Discovery Guides to engage guests in the place-based, hands-on learning station exhibits offered in the visitor center.


Location: Canyon Country Discovery Center Rotunda

Dates and hours: will vary by month and need


  • Welcome visitors.

  • Facilitate meaningful visitor experiences.

  • Give tours of the place-based, hands-on learning station exhibits.

  • Engage guests at each place-based, hands-on learning station exhibit, and program.

  • Encourage inquiry into the history, culture, geography, ecology, biology, and other aspects of the Colorado Plateau.

Any and all help is appreciated! Volunteer every week, month, or just for a special event or a single day. This is a great learning opportunity and a way to socialize and give back. Send any questions to

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